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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Dirty Hands: Jon Stewart Takes Senator to Task Over Hand Washing

Is requiring employees who handle food and beverages to wash their hands after using the restroom the new fight for freedom and liberty?
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And on That Farm There Were Some Pesticides: Watch Old MacDonald Go Organic

Old MacDonald's farm is, apparently, full of G-M-G-M-O's. At least, that’s how Only Organic sees it.
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Grads Launch Campaign to Bike Across America to Teach Pop-Up Science Classes

Forget about the Tour de France—for Elizabeth Case and Rachel Woods-Robinson, it’s time for Tour de U.S.A. On April 17, the two UCLA alums will embark on an eco-friendly cross-country road trip, pedaling their bicycles over 3,800 miles from San Francisco to New York City. Along the way, they’ll make pit stops to teach middle school students quick lessons in physics, solar power, and renewable energy.
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It's a Little Embarrassing That Twitter Got This Wrong About Harper Lee

Tuesday's announcement that To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee will, after 55 years, publish a sequel to her acclaimed novel was surprising to many, including BBC North America Editor Jon Sopel, who tweeted the news—but made one crucial error that got Twitter talking. Immediately, followers corrected him on his mistake—that Lee is not a man but a woman.
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Mixology: Margaritas

With Brew Co.’s closure on Sept. 10, bar options in Westwood have been readily slimmed down. Finding a new watering hole means new bartenders, new drinks and new...
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Movie Review: ‘The East’

It’s a simple concept, really: The punishment should fit the crime. “Spy on us, we’ll spy on you; poison us, we’ll poison you.”.
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UCLA alumna Sara Bareilles finishes tour with intimate performance

There’s something unquestionably charming about a live performance by UCLA alumna Sara Bareilles. Perhaps it’s her witty banter between songs or the bright smile she radiates on stage.
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Book Review: ‘Something in My Eye’

Much like having something stuck between your eyelid and cornea, UCLA alumnus Michael Jeffrey Lee's writing can be very uncomfortable. “Something in My Eye.
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Food Review: Wolfgang Puck Express is welcome option in UCLA on-campus dining

The days of trekking into Westwood for a beer are over. All hail the liquor license-bearing Wolfgang Puck Express. As the newest of Ackerman Union’s select.
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Second day proves FYF Fest a worthy music experience

The second and final day of this year’s FYF Fest had all the makings of the quintessential Los Angeles summer experience: hot summer sun, a slight breeze from the western beaches, food trucks galore and immense amounts of musical talent.
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Album Review: ‘Days Are Gone’ by HAIM

With songs like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" at the top of the charts this year, it’s no secret that the disco-tinged soun.
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UCLA student Juliet Piper to perform at Hotel Cafe

At 21 years old, UCLA student Juliet Piper has fond memories of playing shows with singers like Ke$ha and Meiko.
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Ashley Jakubczyk

People are complex. One word can't accurately define the entirety that makes up a person. Each individual has different aspects of their personality, a different outlook on living, and, most importantly: everyone has their own unique story to tell.

This is what has drawn me to writing. People, and their stories, are utterly fascinating. You can learn so much about a person and the world we live in by just taking the time to have a conversation with someone.

I am a young, optimistic and experienced writer with experience in journalism, internal corporate communications, and public relations.

Journalism wise, I specialize in music reviews and food-related stories, but have also had the privilege and opportunity to profile some very talented individuals in various disciplines.

My editorial contributions include pieces for TakePart, Thought Catalog, The Daily Breeze newspaper, the Peninsula People Magazine, and the UCLA Daily Bruin. My work has also been featured on Yahoo! News and the Christian Science Monitor.

I am looking to the future with optimistic eyes. There are so many stories out there, and I hope to have the privilege to tell some of them.



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