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Grads Launch Campaign to Bike Across America to Teach Pop-Up Science Classes

Forget about the Tour de France—for Elizabeth Case and Rachel Woods-Robinson, it’s time for Tour de U.S.A. On April 17, the two UCLA alums will embark on an eco-friendly cross-country road trip, pedaling their bicycles over 3,800 miles from San Francisco to New York City. Along the way, they’ll make pit stops to teach middle school students quick lessons in physics, solar power, and renewable energy.
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UCLA student Juliet Piper to perform at Hotel Cafe

At 21 years old, UCLA student Juliet Piper has fond memories of playing shows with singers like Ke$ha and Meiko.
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UCLA alumna rocks stage with an ’80s sound

UCLA alumna, Larissa Auble, who goes by the stage name Madysin Hatter, first stumbled upon rock 'n' roll in her family’s basement. Hatter, who grew up li.
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The Wes Coast to play first show at UCLA

Before the development of today’s GPS technology, travelers relied on compasses to point them north on their journeys. The Wes Coast
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Ellingtonia to honor jazz musician

Renowned jazz musician Duke Ellington played at Royce Hall in 1937. Not only was it one of Ellington’s first American concerts, but it was his first ever jazz.
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You can set your watch by Michael Mueller's arrival

If you're looking for Michael Mueller, you will most likely find him at the Salvation Army in Redondo Beach. Mueller, who has cerebral palsy, started volunteering there March 21, 1987, and hasn't stopped since.
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Torrance's Chad Mayer puts a 'strong heart' to work

Chad Mayer always wanted to live a purposeful life. "I wanted to be passionate about what I wanted to do professionally," says the Torrance resident. "I've always had a strong heart to serve. If you look at my strengths as an individual and at the strengths of ShareFest, they go hand in hand."
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Nick Arquette turns negative experiences into positive care

Nick Arquette took the negative experiences in his life and turned them into positive care-giving ideas. Nick Arquette has found a way to take his negative experiences and turn them around to help others. Arquette's mother died of cancer when he was 16, after he watched her suffer through treatments for five years.
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11-year-old Alexis H. Dugel follows her heart and her dream with The Sky’s the Limit -

The written words of author Alexis H. Dugel were reaching children across the globe when she was just ten years old. Now 11 years old and headed to the fifth grade this fall, Dugel finds herself looking toward to her….
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"Growing Up Beautiful", Lori Jones

Not many 21-year olds buy a one-way plane ticket to Milan, Italy, but Lori Jones found herself doing just that. “Back in the 1980s when you were first starting out as a model, they put you on a plane to….
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Ashley Jakubczyk

People are complex. One word can't accurately define the entirety that makes up a person. Each individual has different aspects of their personality, a different outlook on living, and, most importantly: everyone has their own unique story to tell.

This is what has drawn me to writing. People, and their stories, are utterly fascinating. You can learn so much about a person and the world we live in by just taking the time to have a conversation with someone.

I am a young, optimistic and experienced writer with experience in journalism, internal corporate communications, and public relations.

Journalism wise, I specialize in music reviews and food-related stories, but have also had the privilege and opportunity to profile some very talented individuals in various disciplines.

My editorial contributions include pieces for TakePart, Thought Catalog, The Daily Breeze newspaper, the Peninsula People Magazine, and the UCLA Daily Bruin. My work has also been featured on Yahoo! News and the Christian Science Monitor.

I am looking to the future with optimistic eyes. There are so many stories out there, and I hope to have the privilege to tell some of them.



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